recipients - view our egg donor databaseRecipients: Explore Our Egg Donor Database

For may recipient families, the journey begins with viewing our egg donor database. We understand the road you’ve traveled that led you to our site, and taking some time to peruse our egg donor profiles is a great way to become familiar with the wonderful young women who have chosen to become donors. They’re grateful for their ability to give their gift to you! To request a username and password for our secure egg donor database, email: or call us at 818-505-3026.

If you’re further along in the process, feel free to complete our Recipient Parent Application so we have your information.

About Being a Recipient Parent Through Gifted Journeys

While viewing egg donor profiles can help put you at ease as you explore this stage of your journey towards family, we’d like to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to work with us as your egg donor agency. Our knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate staff is comprised of women who have all been egg donors and who each maintain excellent relationships with the finest reproductive specialists in the nation. Having given the gift ourselves, we can speak to you first hand and help you understand the process of becoming a recipient parent through egg donation. There are no silly questions. You should never feel embarrassed. Working with Gifted Journeys means that we travel with you by your side on the road towards family – no matter what type of family you might be. Read more about our work with gay, lesbian, single parent and other non-traditional families.

What’s Next?

If you’ve already requested a username and password to view our egg donor profiles, great! Otherwise, use the information at the top of this page to contact us and request access. Your next step is to complete our online Recipient Parent Application. Once completed, you can simply click “submit,” send us an email to: and we’ll review your information!

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