FAQ’s for Prospective Surrogates

Q: What is the compensation for surrogates?
A: First time surrogates typically receive $28,000 and fees are negotiated up for returning surrogates.

Q: Does the compensation increase if you carry twins?
A: For each additional child you carry (i.e. twins or triplets), you will receive an additional $5,000 in compensation.

Q: What other costs are covered above and beyond my surrogacy fee?
A: All surrogates receive a clothing allowance at the beginning of their second trimester, a monthly “incidentals” fee to cover gas/mileage/parking/faxing/etc. Surrogates also receive an “embryo transfer fee.”

Q: How will this work with my insurance?
A: A separate medical and life insurance policy will be taken out specifically for your surrogacy.

Q: What do I need to do to be approved as a surrogate?
A: You will have comprehensive labs as well as an ultrasound performed when you are screened for the process. There will also be random drug testing before and during your pregnancy.

Q: Will I need to take injections?
A: Yes. As a surrogate there will be a series of injectable medications that you will need to take until the end of your first
trimester of pregnancy.

Q: Does your agency work with all types of families?
A: Yes! Gifted Journeys strongly believes that love makes a family. We do not feel that marital status or sexual orientation determines who makes good parents, rather we look to see who is capable of caring for and loving a child or children.

Q: Which type of medical facilities do you work with?
A: Gifted Journeys works with only the best IVF clinics and physicians in the country. We pride ourselves on good, open relationships with our doctors and staff so that someone is always there holding your hand throughout the process.

For more extensive questions and to learn more about Gifted Journeys and the surrogacy process, please call us at: 818-505-3026.

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